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Sand Blasting
"You can trust our fully trained mechanics to blast your vehicle back to its former glory"

Sand blasting is the term used for removing rust, grease, erosion and dirt from your vehicle without damaging the base material. The process involves blasting a stream of abrasive material against the surface that needs to be cleaned.

Sand blasting is often used to smooth the surface in preparation for it to be Powder Coated.

The key features of sand blasting:

Exmouth Car Garage   Paint removal
Exmouth Garage   Rust Removal
Car Garage Exmouth   Erosion Removal
Garage Exmouth   Dirt Removal


Garage Exmouth
"We ensure that every blast we carry out is done safely and to the very best of our ability."
Garage Exmouth
"We have invested in very high quality equipment from Quill Falcon so you can be sure that you vehicle is in safe hands."
Our sand blasting services include:
Exmouth Garage High Quality Equipment
Car Garage Exmouth Trustworthy Services
Exmouth Car Garage Friendly & Reliable Team
Exmouth Car Garage Guaranteed High Quality
At R&R Motors, we realize that not all car restoration and cleaning jobs can be fixed by just simple detergents and elbow grease. This is why we have invested in some of the best blasting equipment around

We always ensure you are aware of what is being done to your vehicle and all the costs involved. We know our clients want an honest, professional job done and we always seek to give them the very best.


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Car Garage Exmouth "I had my wheel alloys Sand Blasted before having them Powder Coated. What a fantastic job the team did. Thanks guys."

Sand Blasting -
Mr Davies

  Exmouth Car Garage  
Garage Exmouth "I was worried about the rust on parts or my car. I took it to the men at R&R motors and they really have done a fantastic job, many thanks!"

Rust Removal -
Mrs Turner

  Car Garage Exmouth  
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